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Model AC300WR

Redundant Power Supply | For All FOM II Modems

Make use of All 20 Slots in the VERSITRON HF20A chassis AND maintain redundant power with the new AC300WR. This power supply will let you "fully load" all of our FOM II products.


The Model AC300WR Power Supply/System Monitor provides DC power to any VERSITRON FOM II fiber optic modem products when used with the Model HF20A FOM II rack mount chassis. The power supply is designed for a redundant power configuration and includes provisions for alarm monitoring.

The Model AC300WR Power Supply/System Monitor is a 1U high 19″ rack mountable unit designed to operate in a redundant power configuration in conjunction with the HF20A chassis containing any of the FOM II series fiber optic modems. It measures 1.75″ (4.45cm) high and 19″ (48.26 cm) wide x 12.12″ (30.78 cm) deep. Model AC300WR has two 300 watt built-in power supplies connected in parallel for complete redundancy each with its own AC-INLET, ON/OFF switch, and a respective power LED. It also has two built-in alarm circuits with separate red LED'S for low DC voltage alarm and for system alarm monitoring. In addition, Model AC300WR also has an RS-485/RS-422 interface on the back panel for low DC power alarm and for system alarm remote monitoring.

The front panel of the Model AC300WR contains three switches: POWER ON/OFF for each built-in power supply with embedded AC power ON green LEDs, and an Alarm Cut Off/Alarm Reset (ACO/RESET) switch. The front panel also contains six LED indicators: POWER 1, POWER 2, SYS OK, PS ALARM, SYS ALARM, and ACO.





Model AC300WR (300 Watt, Redundant Power Supply/System Monitor) has the following main features:

  • Compact 1U Rack-Mountable Size (1.75″ H x 19″ W x 12.12″ D)

  • 300 watts per power supply in redundance @ 50amp. (max)

  • Universal AC (Alternate Current) Input

  • Filtered IEC AC Inlet Connectors

  • EMI FCC Class B Clearance on Internal Power Devices

  • Highly Efficient Design

  • 1U Low Profile Height

  • No Minimum Load Required

  • RS485/RS422 Remote Management

  • Low Voltage Power Supply Alarm

  • System Alarm & RESET/ACO (Alarm Cut Off) Features



AC300WR Specifications


AC300WR Manual


AC300WR Datasheet

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