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VERSITRON Equipment Found in Interesting and Unusual Places

  • The RS-232 M82xxD Series single mode MicroModems are currently being used in a university research project for underwater data communications links between submerged equipment. Purpose: Counting Sea Plankton These modems are also being used at surface level in order to monitor the count.

  • The FDVT1A0xA & FDVR1A0xA VersiVision 1 channel digital video with bi-directional data products are employed in a robotic monitoring application. The video converters are attached to a robot tethered via fiber to a monitoring truck. Purpose: Inspection of sewers and sewer pipelines without human intervention.

  • VERSITRON RS-530 F2245A FOM II Series singlemode fiber modems are being used in the Arctic Circle.

  • VERSITRON is playing an important role in military aircraft development in the UK. Fighter aircraft have to be able to operate in very demanding environments, including those with close proximity to high power RADAR and other transmitters. In order to ensure that the sophisticated electronics on board will work properly, part of the design process demands that the aircraft are "illuminated" by such RADAR systems at distances of tens of feet. The essential communications required during such tests means that the use of copper conductors between the control center and the aircraft is simply not possible. Only fiber can accommodate the distances required and "tune out" other interference.

    In the UK, the problems of distance and interference on board these aircraft have been solved by the use of a system which incorporates two F272xB VERSITRON Fiber Optic Modems. Contained in a fully screened unit each piece of equipment allows for the use of up to four standard aircraft headsets. Thus, giving perfect clarity of communication.

  • The multimode analog F27xxA FOM II series fiber modems are being used to help reduce energy costs by monitoring power usage in a manufacturing plant on the East Coast. The fiber optic devices provide reliable data links that would otherwise be impossible in this EMI intense environment.

  • Our fiber optic 5-port switches (Model S7055xM) can be found aboard naval submarines providing fiber optic isolation for data communications.

  • Serial data FOM II Series Modems are being used to transmit data for municipal water flow monitoring equipment that determines operation of water pump controls to ensure a constant flow from the water source to the treatment plant.

  • VERSITRON equipment is currently used to ensure safe operations at airports. Both pilots and air traffic controllers alike are dependent on numerous systems of lights, markings and signs. The MicroModems Model M82xxDs are employed to transmit RS-232 switch control signals over fiber. Use of these modems allow for secure transmission of these crucial control signals over greater distances with additional isolation from lightning strikes and EMI/RFI disturbances.

  • The F27xxAD and F27xxA telephone modems are currently in use as communication devices to control a boring machine whose purpose is to tunnel through a mountain.

  • ATM machines at gas stations and convenience stores are employing the F27xxAD and F27xxA  telephone modems to ensure safe transmission of data on phone lines over fiber optic cable. Therefore, making sure that the equipment remains safe from lightning strike damage.

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