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FDVTR1A03A/FDVTR1A05A| 1-Channel Digital Fiber Optic Video Converter |
1-Channel Bi-Directional Data Installation Kit*

Everything you need in a complete package for connecting your analog camera to your monitoring equipment

The VERSITRON VersiVision Series video/data transmitter and receiver support broadcast quality transmission of 8-bit digitally encoded video and 1 channel bi-directional data plus 1 channel bi-directional contact closure over one multimode or singlemode optical fiber. The units are directly compatible with NTSC, PAL, and SECAM camera systems and support RS-485 data protocols. RS-232 and RS-422 data protocols are available upon request. LED indicators are provided to instantly monitor the system operating status.

*VersiVision Installation Kits are available for standalone applications and include: Transmitter, Receiver, Power Supplies & 100 Meters of Fiber.

Use this VersiVision product with your PTZ cameras requiring return data.

Plug and Play design ensures adjustment-free installation and operation, and optical adjustments are never required. A typical installation utilizes a transmitter unit at the camera end of the link, connected via a single fiber optic cable, to a receiver unit at the monitoring end of the link. These video converters are available for either standalone or rackmount installation.

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  • 8-Bit Uncompressed Video Transmission

  • Compatible with NTSC, PAL, or SECAM CCTV

  • Supports RS-485 Data Protocol

  • RS-232 and RS-422 Data Protocols Optional

  • WDM for Highest Quality Video Transmission

  • No EMI, RFI, Cross Talk, and Ground Loop

  • No Electrical or Optical Adjustments Required

  • LED Indicators for Instant System Monitoring

  • Standalone or Rackmount

  • Transmit up to 30 km without Optical Attenuation

  • Simultaneous Transmission of Video and Data

  • VersiVision Chassis



VersiVision Specifications


VersiVision Manual


VersiVision Datasheet

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