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VersiVision TV Presents

"How-To" Informational Videos On Fiber Optics

At VERSITRON, we are always excited to welcome new-comers to our world. For anyone wishing to secure their LAN networks and CCTV or IP video security applications from lightning strikes, EMI/RFI disturbances, or just extending the distances and enlarging the bandwidth opportunities for campus environment applications, our networking specialists look forward to helping you.

It is our goal to make sure you have exactly what you need for your particular application and that you are both happy and satisifed with the results.

The following video shorts of approximately 4 minutes or less will cover a wide range of topics from:

"How do you tell the difference between multimode and singlemode fiber" to "How do you hook up a CCTV camera surveillance network?", to "How can I connect my telephone operating system over fiber?", to "Can I put telephone AND data together over fiber?"

"All" Fiber Network Switch - SG2442M

4 Channel Fiber Optic Video Multiplexers for Fixed Analog Cameras.

MultiMode vs. SingleMode Fiber Optic Cable

"Pick a Port" Modular Network Switch

Give us a call (1-800-537-2296 / 302-894-0699), open a chat, or send us information on your project. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about your specific application needs. We look forward to hearing from you!

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