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Versimux II

Fiber Optic Multiplexers | Telephone AND/OR Data | Up to 152 Analog Phones Over 1 Fiber |
Supports Many Interfaces |

We are pleased to announce the expansion of the Versimux II platform of fiber optic multiplexer products. In addition to supporting up to 152 2-wire analog telephone circuits over 1 fiber, the Versimix II now also supports copper to fiber conversion for a wide range of serial data and stereo audio interfaces.

These include the following interface links:

A combination of voice and/or data cards can be configured within the same chassis, thus offering significant savings to the end-user. A typical application will consist of 1-19 cards installed in a VMX20 chassis, linked via f.o. cable to a second VMX20 chassis where 1-19 "sister" cards are installed. For further flexibility, a mix of analog voice mux cards and serial data cards can be used in any combination up to 19 cards per chassis.

Using SFP module technology, the Versimux II offers the flexibility of using one or two strands of either multimode or singlemode fiber for distances of up to 80km with no optical adjustments required.

A typical POTS installation utilizes an exchange card(s) at the PBX end of the link, connected via f.o. cable to a subscriber card(s) at the voice end of the link. Both types of Versimux II cards utilize standard RJ-11 voice jacks for plug and play, adjustment-free installation and operation. LED indicators are provided to instantly monitor the operating status of each Versimux II card and voice port. Cards that support RS-485 data have an RJ-45 jack and support data rates up to 64Kbps.

Give us a call at 1-800-537-2296 or open an online chat if you have any questions about the Versimux II or if we can help you with any of your voice and/or data mux applications.

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  • Up to 152 analog phones over one fiber link

  • Many Data Interfaces Supported

  • SFP Module Technology

  • Transmit up to 80km

  • 14.4Kbps via dial-up modem or fax

  • WDM Technology for Single-Fiber Applications

  • LED Indicators for Instant System Monitoring

  • Standalone or Rackmount Configurations

  • 20-Slot Chassis Supports 152 Voice Cards

  • 2 Wire Analog POTS Kits for 1, 4, & 8 Channel Applications



Versimux II Specifications

Versimux II Diagrams


Versimux II Manual

FOM II Manual


Versimux II Datasheet

FOM II Datasheet

Using the Versimux II with 2-Wire Analog POTS

A typical 2-wire analog voice installation utilizes an exchange card (s) at the PBX end of the link, connected via f.o. cable to a subscriber card(s) at the end of the POTS link. Both exchange and subscriber port cards are offered in 1-channel, 4-channel, and 8-channel versions. All two wire voice port cards utilize standard RJ-11 jacks for plug and play, adjustment-free installation and operation. LED indicators are provided to instantly monitor the operating status of each Versimux II card and voice port. The 1-channel and 4-channel port cards are available with RS-485/RS-422 data as an optional feature. These dual purpose port cards can handle data rates up to 64Kbps and have an RJ45 jack in addition to the RJ11 voice jack.

A choice of 3 housing options are available:

VMX20 20-slot, rackmount chassis (4U)
HF2SS 2-slot, rackmount chassis (1U)
HF1 1-slot, standalone enclosure

These housing options, when combined with the selection of 1-channel, 4-channel, or 8-channel port cards, provides the utmost in configuration flexibility. Using these “building blocks”, a customized design is easily created for 1 to 152 POTS lines AND can be readily modified should system requirements change.

When 8 or fewer two wire POTS lines need to be put together, the Versimux II products offer the perfect solutions. By using the 4-channel or 8-channel port cards as standalone devices, the end-user can readily create a product for 1-4 or 1-8 voice lines. The VMX4E and VMX4S port cards are utilized to create a version which supports 1-4 POTS lines. The VMX8E and VMX8S port cards are utilized to create another version which supports 1-8 POTS lines. In these configurations, SFP modules (sold separately) are installed on the port cards to provide the f.o. interface. Multimode and singlemode options are available. The 4-channel port cards are also available which support RS-485, or RS-422 data up to 64Kbps. These “TeleData” multiplexer port cards are models VMX4ED (exchange side) and VMX4SD (subscriber side).

Whether 4-channel voice, 4-channel voice/data or 8 channel voice, any of these port cards can be installed in the HF2SS rackmount chassis or HF1 standalone enclosure. The PSAC20 power supply completes the installation for each port card.

Using the Versimux II with Other Interfaces

The flexibility of the Versimux II makes it easy to configure a customized fiber optic multiplexer utilizing any of the above 1-channel interfaces as "port" cards in the product. A typical application will consist of 1-19 port cards installed in a "local" VMX20 Versimux II Chassis linked, via f.o. cable, to a "remote" VMX20 Chassis where 1-19 "sister" port cards are installed. One VMX4800 "Smart Card" is used in each chassis to perform the muxing/de-muxing functions. Utilizing SFP Technology, the VMX4800 also provides the f.o. link between the "local" and "remote" VMX20 chassis. This link requires one duplex f.o. cable only. Simplex solutions are also available.

(Note: SFP modules used with the VMX4800 "Smart Card" are sold separately.) The Versimux II supports both multimode and singlemode applications. LC optical connectors are standard. Distances to 80km are possible.

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