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4-Wire Telephone / Audio Modems

Model F272xB Group | FOM II Series

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VERSITRON FOM II Series Model F272xB Group modems provide a fiber optic link for two 4-wire analog telephone lines OR stereo audio. As a copper to fiber analog POTS device, these devices support full duplex secure voice communications.

This is done by converting four wire analog signals into light pulses from transmission over f.o. cable at distances up to 100km with fully transparent operation. The F272xB units can also be used to provide for an intercom link or PA system applications.  Copper to fiber connectivity is also supported by the F272xB devices when used for two channels of mono audio or one channel of stereo audio.

Two versions of F272xB products are available. The Model F2722B utilizes multimode fiber and Model F2725B utilizes singlemode fiber. Both models have LC optical connectors, a DB9 electrical connector, and 1/8" TRS audio connectors. Mounting options include the VERSITRON FOM II-style HF1 desktop enclosure and HF2SS (2-slot) or HF20A (20-slot) rack-mount chassis.

The F2722B and F2725B devices can also function as multiplexer "port cards" when installed in VERSITRON'S VMX20 chassis as part of the VERSIMUX II mux platform. Check out the Versimux II.


The F272xB product group simultaneously transmits and receives analog signals to and from remote locations, using proprietary digital coding and multiplexing techniques. Digitized signals are converted into light using an optical transmitter. This permits operation with 50/125 or 62.5/125 multimode f.o. cable and 9/125 or 10/125 singlemode f.o. cable.

The 3dB frequency response of this device is 17Hz to 20khz. To reduce the possibility of interrupted voice signals, built-in alarms warn of power or electric malfunctions.

The digitizing process used by the F272xB product group permits transparent fiber optic isolation of the audio path. Other features include SFP technology and LED status indicators. (PWR, ALARM, CLPL, CLPR)




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