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RS-232 Point-to-Point

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These products convert an RS-232 electrical signal into light signals for transmission over fiber optic cable. In MicroModem or FOM II format these products provide fully transparent operation with data, clock, and common control signals automatically multiplexed.

One of our more unusual applications for these includes a university research project utilizing the M82xxD Micromodems  underwater to count sea plankton.  These same units are also being used to monitor the count at surface level.  Show me these MicroModems.

Another interesting application makes use of the M82xxD MicroModems to transmit RS-232 switch control signals over fiber in order to ensure safe operations at airport.  Check out these MicroModems.


  • Data Rates to 100 Kbps Source Timing
  • Data Rates to 128 kbps Terminal Timing
  • Distances to 20 km
  • Choice of multimode or singlemode
  • Standalone or rack-mount
  • SFP Fiber Optic Module Technology

NEWNow ALL VERSITRON MicroModems and FOM II Series Modems are compatible with each other. 

The F2802D and F2805D FOM II products are additionally compatible with the Versimux II fiber optic data/voice multiplexer. The 20-slot Versimux II platform supports copper-to-fiber conversion for analog phone and any combination of all standard serial data interfaces.

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